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Robin's Dog Stars Dog Trick Act

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202 Circuit Court Lake Villa, IL 60046
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(847) 265-4597
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Our fun and incredible Dog Trick Act includes more than 50 dog Tricks to Amaze every age. The Dog Stories and Dog Jokes woven throughout the show weave the whole performance together so nicely. The show Lasts 40 minutes during which, the children enjoy volunteering to hold hoops for dogs to Jump through. There is a question and Answer period and after the children love petting the dogs.

Besides jumping through hoops, the dogs "Get the Mail", "Get a Kleenex", "Sneeze", "tell Jokes", "Do Somersault", "Get Your Tail" and several acrobatic tricks that everyone cheers for.

Everyone loves to see the dogs in costume!

We have educational programs that can be added to our performance, which include:
"How to train my family dog Tricks to Create a Loving Bond"
"How Dogs Help People"
"Hero Dog Stories"
"Dog Help Solutions"

Reviews's picture
Joleen B.

We were a bit disappointed with this show. The dog did not perform all of the intended tricks (maybe just having an off day). For the price, I expected more.'s picture
Ginny S.

Robin and her dogs returned to Geneva for the third time and we hope to have them back in the future. Volunteers from the audience get to help the dogs with their amazing hoop jumps, and the kids had an opportunity to meet and pet the dogs after the show. Robin's dogs are happy to perform and well-loved!'s picture
Esther Y.

Robin's dogs performed the tricks very well, and the kids enjoyed the performance. Working with her was a pleasure, and we would definitely have her return to the library.'s picture
Cindy L.

Audience enjoyed the Dog All-Stars. Robin is very pleasant to work with and the event went well. The pictures and information she provided for promoting the program was great, too. I will invite her back to the library.

Carol L.

Robin's Dog Stars performed at our library several times over the years. The dogs are always a big hit with parents & the children. They do a variety of tricks & at the conclusion, the kids are allowed to pet the dogs. We always enjoy the show.