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Jutta & the Hi-Dukes (tm)

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PO Box 6473 Evanston, IL 60204-6473
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Terran Doehrer
(847) 864-1022
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Founded in 1990, Jutta & the Hi-Dukes (tm) tours internationally bringing worlds of music and dance to audiences of all ages. Their “Meet Your Neighbor’s Folk Music (tm)” program is an exciting worldbeat cultural adventure through many lands. Folks are invited to sing in various languages, to drum along with the band, and to learn the fun, yet simple traditional circle and line dances that go with the music.

“They have an amazing repertoire … they have that authentic chutzpah that makes the music come alive … This band knows how to reach everyone, regardless of age or background.” — Michigan’s BlissFest festival brochure on the band’s third appearance there.

L.A.C.O.N.I. included Jutta & the Hi-Dukes in their “Best of the Best” list. The reason for this is well-illustrated by a librarian’s enthusiastic review of the band following their concert at her library:

“Go around the world in less than eighty minutes with Jutta & the Hi-Dukes. They’ll take you on a trip to Europe. You get Gypsy music, music from Spain, Israel, everything. Finland! What more could you ask for? Not only is it entertaining and educational but you get up and dance and get a little sweaty, which is awesome! It’s just a really good program that actually gets people off their seat. And here [at the library], how often do we do that? We have book clubs and discussions and movies. How often do we get the chance to get up and dance? Book them! Amazing!”

With a repertoire that includes hot Balkan-Gypsy grooves to mythical medieval Scandinavian songs, from exotic Greek “Blues” to familiar American Klezmer and Dixieland dance tunes, this wildly eclectic world music band serves up delicious “sole” food for every taste with a spicing of educational content. Folks get to find out facts like where the Gypsies (who call themselves “Roma”) come from, what a Kaval, a Darbuka, a Tupan, an Ocarina, and a Baglama are, and much more.

“… such a wonderful show! Not only was your performance entertaining, but also informative and instructive, which is what we were hoping for in a university environment. … everybody had a wonderful time. Thank you again for a great show!” — Michael B. Cosmopoulos, Ph.D., Fellow, Academy of Science St. Louis, Professor of Archaeology, The Hellenic Government-Karakas Foundation Professor in Greek Studies, Department of Anthropology, University of Missouri

The sound of the multi-instrumentalist group is an ever-changing spectrum of color shaped by traditional instruments played alongside the Guitar, Mandolin, and Violin, topped off with two- to three-part vocals in over seventeen languages.

In addition to its basic concert presentation, the versatile group offers workshops and lectures in music for band and orchestra, cultural history, dance, and more. Prices are negotiable and block booking is possible. Fees vary depending on how many performers are requested, length / structure of performance(s), and travel costs, if any.


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