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Robert K. Miller's DINOmagic

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880 Laurel Lane Northbrook, IL 60062
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Robert K. Miller
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Librarians agree that Robert K. Miller's magic shows encourage youngsters to read.

Why? This is where I began my magic career ... at the public library! I tell youngsters that they, too, can become magicians by checking out books, just as I did when I was in grade school. Since then, I have performed at 80 libraries (please see the list on my website) for thousands of children. "You can find out about magic, dinosaurs and anything else, right here in your library."

DINOMagic is a time for fun and surprises, a chance to laugh, to wonder at the mystery, to take part in the magic, and to be astounded.

Do these programs really work? Please read what librarians said on my website. Here's just one:

"Mr. Miller involved the children in many of his tricks, had parents and children alike laughing, and pitched the value of books and reading by directing the crowd, approximately 110 people, to two book displays in the room. All but four of the 72 books displayed were checked out!"

Brian Conway, Mt. Prospect Public Library

Please call 847-272-3850 to discuss what DINOmagic will do for your patrons.


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