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Cody Clark: A Different Way of Thinking

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Louisville, KY 40216
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Taylor Martin (Business Manager)
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In his hour long show, magician/autistic self-advocate Cody Clark combines magic, comedy, and storytelling to share what living with autism is like. Starting with his initial diagnosis and ending with his college graduation, Cody places his magic routines inside common life experiences to show how his autism makes him different, yet similar to most people. By the end of his show, you’ll think quite differently about the art of magic and about autism!


"Working with Cody and his manager, Taylor, was a delightful process with no hassle.....While in Gahanna, Cody performed 3 shows. The first was for classes within the high school and approximately 500 students attended.....The second show was later in the day and Cody performer a show for our younger students with disabilities.....The third show was for the Gahanna Community at night time. Cody played very well to the audience, was entertaining and kept everyone guessing with his tricks, as well as speaking to life with autism. I would highly recommend Cody Clark as a performer as well as a speaker on living with autism and all that it entails." - Tiffany Hanna, ESS Teacher/Intervention Specialist at Gahanna Lincoln High School, Gahanna, OH

"Clark doesn’t ask for pity or sympathy, but he entertainingly fosters understanding."-Arts-Louisville

"What I find most impressive about what Cody does, is that his desire to perform his magic in front of an audience is, in ways, in direct conflict with his disorder. His determination to succeed and love for what he does is inspiring."-Behind the Curtain Cincinnati

“Go for magic; leave with inspiration” – Orlando Sentinel


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