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Professor Moptop - Beatles and pop culture historian.

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3756 N. Lamon Ave
Unit #1
Chicago , IL 60656
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Gregory Alexander

For over 20 years Professor Moptop (birth name Gregory Alexander) has appeared on WXRT's Breakfast with the Beatles radio program in Chicago, sharing deep and detailed facts about every aspect of the Beatles career, including the formation of the band, each individual song, album and film and each individual members. He has also self-published 2 books on the band (Textbook Beatles Volumes 1 and 2) and has spoken at many music and education seminars. The Professor has also taught at dozens of Libraries delivering classes on the Beatles using rare audio, video and photographs, covering dozens of topics. Since the beginning of 2020 classes have been presented via ZOOM, which greatly expands the area of availability. The Professor not only has classes available on the Beatles, he also offers sessions on The Blues Brothers, The Grateful Dead, Les Paul, Shel Silverstein, Monty Python, Holiday Music, Saturday Night Live as well as individual years in music and film.

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Mike H.

Greg, i.e. Professor Moptop, is wonderful to work with. The library has hosted him a number of times and the attendee feedback is unanimously positive. His
knowledge, and the content of his programming, is unmatched. In addition, he typically draws a large audience because of his large social media following, name recognition, and subject matter.

In the past he has presented in person but, over the past few years, he has adapted and presents virtually. Regardless of the situation, he is consistently flexible, communicative, and collaborative.'s picture
Ted G.

We have had Greg (Prof Moptop) do many events at the Deerfield Library. We try to book him at least once a year. He's always a huge hit at our library and our patrons love him and his presentations. One of the good things about Greg is he promotes the events on his own social media platforms. He has a number of fans out there that love to attend his events. So we've always had a nice full house every time we've booked him. As The Beatles say, "A Splendid Time Is Guaranteed For All!"